Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer of 1988

June 27, 1988

It is the summer of 1988.
Since I last wrote, Much has happened.
I spent four wonderful months in London, England.
I wanted to go and I went.
September 6, to December 19th 1987.
Regent’s College.
Life at UNH my freshman year was exciting, but I needed more and I got it.
It seems I fell in love.
Lived in Ogunquit summer of 87 with Jill.
Now as the fall of ’88 approacheth, I am moving to New York City to become famous. Remember I told you so.
Working at Shop n Save this summer and did not get cast in Prescott Park’s “little shop of horrors.”
Little Park of Politics.
I’m relatively happy, cannot wait to go to New York.
Oh – my future.
The cusp of the zodiac
the spring of my future.
I love you all—
“Start spreadin’ the news…”

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