Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug. 14, 1983

Aug. 14, 1983
Dear Diary—
Hi! I’ve been at camp for a week. Its been okay. But I’m glad I’m home. I got my Siouxsie shirt I’ve been waiting for. Its really neat. I also got Rio from the record club. Its okay. My old cousin Winnie’s home from being away all summer. She lives in the other side of our house. She’s such a bitch. She’s mad (probably) because we took the bushes down in front. New ones are going up soon. But she’s still mad. Oh well, what’s new? If you’re ever reading this Winnie – listen. We are your only people that care for you. Your other family only call you for gifts. The truth hurts, huh? Or maybe you know that. And you know, we really don’t care for you that much. I’ll probably be sorry I wrote this after you die. Oh well. You’re very hard to like Winnie. I guess I’m just writing this to vent out a few things. She’s not a nice person. Oh well I think that’s enough slander.
Things are good with me. I only had 5 cigs last week. Pretty good. I’ll write again.
See ya Pete
I guess I’ll continue writing. I am going out with Carrie now. Thats good. Bryan will be pissed. He’s at summer camp and has broken up with her. She’d broken up with him I mean. Asked her out July 27. Okay.
Chris did sleep over. Well not really. We never really slept. We stayed up untill 5:30 in the morning. And slept from then until 12:00. Fun! We went swimming at Guppy’s that Sunday. Haven’t stayed home since.
I read Valley of the Dolls. Awesome. I want to read Once Is Not Enough. Its also by Jacueline Susann. I also read The Hunger. That too was good. It was strange and didn’t seem it could end at the last couple pages. My mom is at a shower for Mary. She is about to marry my brother Dick. Got a dog last Saturday, Sunday, rather, the 6th. I’ll keep you posted with Winnie. See ya Pete

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday July 15, 1983

Friday July 15, 1983
Hi! Here’s a pen that works. I’m seeing Carrie now. I know from reading this you’d probably say, why? Well she’s changed alot. I’d like to get to know her better.
Anyway I went to Jill’s camp last weekend from Friday night to Tuesday night. My parents picked me up then. I had a really good time.
Me and Jill got along fine except for a few 2 minute squabbles every now and then. That’s okay—her sister Audrey is such a pain.
I saw Porky’s II last Friday. It was kinda stupid. I really didn’t like it too much.
But anyway, my parents are going to camp this weekend (our camp) and I’m staying home. Yippee! Chris my come over to watch Cat People tonite. But regardless, I’m sleeping over his house tomorrow.
It should be fun.
Talk to you later.
See ya Pete

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

July 6, 1983

Hi again!
It’s been a while! School is out now and I saw the Kinks and everything.
I got my B-52’s poster and last Go-Go’s newsletter yesterday. I have to rejoin now. I don’t think I’ll rejoin the B-52’s. I don’t know.
I found a tape of last May. Its unbelievable to listen to. All these songs remind me of Jill. She’s in N. Conway for the summer. I miss her. I’d like to see her and probably will or something.
Had a lot of nosebleeds lately (2) but! They were bad. I’ll have to have them corterized.
Anyway we went to our camp last weekend. Fun. Not really. I didn’t do anything.
I went to Elise’s and Carrie was there. (I knew). We had a waterfight (this was yesterday). Carrie cut her ankle, but she’ll be okay. I like her. I hope she breaks up w/ Bryan. OR VICE-VERSA. P

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post Vacation, 1983


I’ve taken up smoking. Its kinda neat! I get a little high off it which kinda makes me sick too, but I can inhale. I never knew how to really. Jill taught me.
I like her a lot. I think I’m going to her cottage in N. Conway for a week in the summer. It should be fun.
About the last entry. A horrible time it was. Everything’s settled I guess. I don’t really care I guess. It was a way of stepping out of the picture. Not to good, though.
Anyway, me and Elise are still friends I guess. I don’t think I’ll get many rides home from school anymore from her mother. I don’t know. I think Tom should get a ride from his mother (I will too) and if not, we’ll walk. It really should be no big deal.
School sucks! It really does. My math teacher is such a bitch. Drives me up the wall. I can’t stand her. History is a pain, too. Big project due soon. Next monday in fact. Science is hard also. I don’t know what I’ll do. Just survive I guess. I wish school would just end.
Chrissy and me are getting along okay. I don’t think her boyfriend likes me being friends with her, but that’s okay.
I wonder if she’s kinda using me to get him jealous. That’s just what I feel, it’s stupid I know. (IT IS STUPID)
HA HA. Me and Jill say that alot.
I got the Joan Rivers album, last Thursday when I went to the mall with Chrissy. Boyfriend didn’t like that much. TOUGH SHIT.
Bananarama is great. I think they are my favorite group as of now. I’ll talk to ya later. I got to do math. REALLY SUCKS. I have a lot of homework to do.
See ya Pete

Saturday, August 22, 2009

May 31, 1983

May 31, 83
Hey! You know what I’d really like to do? Say what – I feel like making a cake!
That’s a B-52’s song. I like them again.
Everything’s going okay. School will be over soon. I’m glad. The Kinks concert is coming soon. June 9th. Yeah. I’ve had a cold. I got it when we went to our camp last weekend. I feel okay now. Psycho II is coming out this Friday. Yeah. Oh my scheduling worked out fine. I called Elise. She should be coming back soon. Calling back, I mean.
Anyway not much is really going on. Bryan called me today. He’s talking to me now. He wasn’t before because I told Chrissy something he said about her boyfriend. I don’t know what it is with him. Why he’s talking to me. Oh well. I hope I get to be better friends with P.J. He’s a good kid.
Ciao! Pete

Friday, August 21, 2009

April 13, 1983

April 13 ‘83
Today was fine. Tonite I didn’t like. Me and Lees have not got along well at was all. Yesterday I tried to make up, it was terrible and a misunderstanding. Today I went to Jacob’s Bagels with Vickie and she seemed nice. She called me later that evening and told me Joannie threatened to “beat her face.” Joannie and her husband Mark are staying with Elise and her mother. Vickie said “but don’t say anything that I called.” I called Elise to make up again tonight. She wasn’t home but I got the 3rd degree by Mark who asked if Vickie had called me. I lied and said no. Mary Ann, Elise’s mother, asked me the same thing, I said no. Elise called when she got home and I told Joannie I had talked to Vickie. Elise was kinda mad, but not really because I didn’t lie to her straight out. Mary Ann and Mark really don’t trust me I guess. I know I did wrong and stupid but I told Joannie to tell Mary Ann I never lied to her before and that I caught myself and decided not to now.
I don’t know what will happen.
I’ll talk to them at the car tomorrow. It was late tonite and I had to get off the phone though I really wanted to talk longer. I was mad I had to hang up.
I don’t want them to think bad of me. Because, I like Mary Ann, or Ma as we call her, a lot. And I’m upset at what I called her and SHIT.
It will all get out and everything will be bad and I can’t do a goddamned thing. Vickie had better not say A thing. Because she will have truly lost one who has always got along with her when she was shunned
I must talk to her.
I’ll write the out come later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

April Fools Day, 1983

April 1
Hi! Not much has happened lately. Except one thing. This girl Julia Redden, I am absolutely in love with. I call her “the gazelle.” She is going out with a junior, and has been for 2 ½ years. I was so upset when I found out. I will live, though. Maybe if I could just get to know her, it would be okay. Maybe Vickie will introduce me to her.
I had a math test today and a French test. Math was really easy. A possible 100. I hope so. I need it. French was easy, as always. I’m glad of that too.
Elise is a problem. She’s been pretty much a bag to me lately. I gave her a rose. “Oh thank you.” Vickie says, “Oh, give him a hug.” She doesn’t. Probably because she thinks her overpowering charm will blow me away. Also that I will think she likes me.
She’s really weird. I can’t figure her out.
But its okay, because I don’t have to.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

March 16, 1983

March 16
Today was another terrible day. In science, I was put in the corner (no big deal) and then as I was sitting down Mr. Burns says, “I don’t know what it is, but all the girls are in love with him.” Several “whys” from Toni and Chrissy says, “We think of him as one of the girls.” God damn you Chrissy YOU BITCH. Mr. Burns said, “that was really mean, Chrissy.” I’m sorry came from Chrissy but I wonder if she meant it.
Also Elise today I found out likes someone else. I was seriously thinking of asking her out. That sucked.
I’m pretty upset about today. That was the worst day I have had for about a year. New Year’s eve, the day after, was upsetting, but it was trivial.
I’m am so mad.
Don’t even ask about Jill. She’s driving me slightly crazy, but I think I’ll call her. Life can suck.
P.S. I’m seeing Billy Squier in concert

Monday, August 10, 2009

March 1, 1983

March 1
Today was really wierd. School was okay and everything, new pen! boy that pen sucked, but after school I went to the library for Sweeney Todd, for oral interp. at in English. It lead me of course, to Elise’s. Jill called while we were there and she said she wanted to go downtown. So we went and as we got out of Dover Drug (guess what they wanted to go there for), and crossed the street, in front of Sweet Dreams, this 55 year old man nabs Jill’s ear while she was tieing her shoe, and starts talking to her; asking age, etc. Me and Elise moved towards him and he started to talk to us. I told him Jill was going to U.N.H. since she was (21), and my name was George Munroe and her name was Marilyn. Very stupid but unusual to say the least. We had moved from New York so she could go to college and she had to go back to boston to get a lung operation. Lasted 20 mins (about.) I was talking to Elise when we got back to the house and I said if your going to the KINKS concert, supposedly I’m going with Donna she should have her money cause my mother can’t buy her ticket. She got upset and she said she was disappointed and I said okay, but its not my fault. This was later on the phone, she wouldn’t say waht was the matter before I left. She got that TONE on the phone, so I said by and hung up. I was very mad and I called her a FUCKEN BITCH! Off the phone, though. I never called her that before but I’m getting real sick of her, ya know?
Well, that’s probably not as good as I could have told it but I’ll remember what I mean. Nevertheless, it has been a wierd day. Gotta study!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Feb. 23, 1983

Feb. 23, 1983
I’m listening to Pat Benatar Crimes of Passion. I loved her so much until Precious Time came out. I’ve really lost interest in her. But her first two albums are really good.
Mike Linzer slept over last night. We watched a lot of T.V. nothing too exciting. I’m waiting for Jill to call because her mother is coming to pick me up soon. I haven’t been with her for so long. I think I miss her. Elise’s at her grandmother’s today and tomorrow.
Isn’t this pen really neat? I love it! Its one of those pens. See Feb. 22 for details. I love pens.
I really don’t know what else to say—oh well I saw Harold and Maude Again. Its a really good movie I think it might be one of my favorites. Sophie’s Choice comes before, of course.
I love Meryl Streep!
I guess that’s it.
Ciao Manhattan.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feb. 22, 1983

Feb. 22 – 1983
I haven’t written for a bout a week hunh? Sunday, I saw Sophie’s Choice. It was so good! I think it was one of my favorite movies ever! It was really great.
Anyway – yesterday, monday I went down to Dan Shirley’s house. We were suppsed to have this big beer thing, but old McDonald’s sister who whas supposed to buy the beer, never did. It was pretty bad. I was getting really psyched about it. Oh well—Chris slepped over last night. We didn’t do much really, but play monopoly. I won.
After the Dan incident yesterday, Chris and me went to Elise’s. We went downtown and Elise robbed the city blind. I got this pen and another, but that’s it.
I think I might join the record club again but under my father’s name. There are alot of good albums I want. Oh yeah. I’m on vacation! For a week no more Mr. Burns!