Friday, September 18, 2009

June 26, 27 '90

June 26, 27 ‘90

1:55 A.m.
It hardly seems possible that I started this thing 7 years ago, but here it is.
The nineties. I haven’t become famous yet, but I did have a pretty amazing time in New York and had a rough time too and had my heart broken and met some great people.
I spent the summer of ’89 in Portland with Beth Denver and George Thomas. The living quarters were fabulous, but I barely had a job. Ventrex for 3 days “disk-vialing”, lugging furniture for 2 days and working at Communiques for 3 weeks, got let go, moved home and eventually graduated from UNH May ’90, just a few short weeks ago. Wow. 2 years since last entry and they’ve been a pistol. Had a good last school year.
Just finally got a job at Café Brioche in Portsmouth hope it works out.
I’m so-so happy, meaning mediocre, not so! so! happy. But, I’m ever the optimist. Ha, ha.
So enough for updating my book. See you in what looks like another couple of years. What will they bring? My God, how time does fucking fly.


P.S. Missed the Madonna Concert June 16, 1990; she cancelled but did see the B-52’s sometime in Nov ’89.
P.P.S. I’m still smoking! And Kate is getting married June 30, 1990, this Saturday. The kids have all grown up—


  1. Forget privacy. I was hoping I'd show up in it! What a great way to look back at those years. Here's to Cafe Brioche, and a beautiful curly dark haired Barista I met there. xo, JB

  2. somewhere ... where... still have that grad pic of the UNH Theatre Class of 1990...