Thursday, September 10, 2009

Off To College

August 21, 1986

Hi. I’m in a better mood than last time. I hope I’ve grown up. These entries are childish. Headed for UNH the 31st.
I am looking forward to it and hope I do well.
My nasty letter roommate situation is going to be cleared up soon. The Dean should be calling anytime. (It is now 11:25 in the morning) I sincerely hope my roommate is nice. His real letter sounded promising.
Vickie leaving 26th for American U. Jill is going to Macintosh for classes soon. I think things are beginning to start for her??? Elise in california.
My braces are off.
Year and a half since last entry.
Chris who?

Quit smoking April 85’ to April 86’
Back to it for a few months now.
Prescott Park:
Oliver 85’
Music Man 86’

I think I’m getting there.


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  1. funny how things happen. we graduated high school two years apart but started college the same time. and neither of us is working in our major!