Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sunday Jan. 1, 1984
1984. That’s the first time I’ve written that (up there). Here it is. A whole year later than when I started. WOW. I saw another movie today. “Christine.” It was good.
Anyway, there was a surprise for Chris friday. I took him up to Funspot and then decided that “I was sick and had to go home…” and then SURPRISE! Chris was surprised. Bryan is such a pompous ass! I really cannot stand him. I found that out at the party. Chrissy and Toni were saying really mean things
about Vickie, Bryan too. I couldn’t believe it. They say there Vickie’s best friends! Bullshit! They’re just shallow and bitchy, I guess. I have to speak to Dan Shirley. I’m mad at him too. I A year ago, Christmas (’82) I poked Dan thinking it was Chrissy and he won’t let me live it down. Annoys the shit out of me. You can see I’m none too thrilled about much today. Mike Linzer went downtown with us (me and Chris) and he was kinda cheap to me. Oh well…Chris slept over last night. My mom got a bottle of Apple Wine for us. It was really good. Chris’ mom got
us a small bottle of champagne. I had that wine with 2 beers I had and I felt great. I had a good time. Jill came over at 12. Right after work, and unfortunately right after the New Year supposedly began. She took a caB home at about three. Me and Chris went to bed at 6:30. Oh God. How very late. Or how very early. Oh Jill has a good job at the Asia. Something she really needed. I’m still looking.
My New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking and I think I will! We have new neighbor’s in Winnie’s side.
Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nice people we rented it to them the day after Winnie moved out!
Christmas was okay. Untill Dick came over. He’s such an asshole. He ruined my day. Nice albums for Christmas.
I love
Siouxie and the Banshees.
So good! Ana (who I see I haven’t mentioned; just a friend a school) went to New York and I hope to god she gets me a Siouxie shirt like she said she would. Yea-isms!
Well I am doing a type of fortune telling. I Ching—Bea Perkins’ book. It said something might happen to Jill and we probably won’t be friends. I doubt it. It’s just my interpretation. See ya Pete


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