Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas Day


Christmas Day. I’m still alive and writing in this goddam vessel.
So I got turned around in the airport and never made it back to London. Oh well.
A fig for regret.
My brother Harry’s married. Dick’s got a kid.
I got laid. Big time.
I finally gave it up.
I call him
Angel Clare.
from Tess of the D’Urbervilles.
He’s dreamy.
Lives in Maine.
I cannot believe I started this thing 10 years ago. January 1st, 1983. Coming up soon.
I am alone, in my room and not rushing off anywhere
soon. It seems I always jot two words before I leave the country or something.
No, I leave again on Sunday. My entry for the year is complete.
I am living in New Yawk. The Big Apple with Gill Scott, whom I adore.
Still sticking out the life/acting thing.
Everybody was home this Christmas. Babies, wives + whatnot.
I am still smoking and this week have been drinking way too much.
I talked to Beth in Colorado tonight. She sounds very well. Its so far a way.
I think she’ll be coming to New York soon. To visit. Per usual. Very few hangers-on.
I’ve read a lot this year.
Most of the year has been spent moving.
Oh, I’m so tired and should go to bed soon.
I actually saw Mike Linzer, Chris, Mamoulian, and Rich Hallstead this week. It was great. Chris has been in Florida. His hair is so long and it is streaked with sun.
I still think of Padraic.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned him somewhere in this tome.
Somebody like Clare could make me forget him.
He’s soo…dreamy.
Well, I’m going to sign off for now. If I keep writing in this as infrequently, I should quite a few years of material left to fill the book.
For the record: June 16 to now in NYC. I think I’m staying. It’s a hell of a town.
Merry Christmas to you.
Untill next year,
I love you + love me too—
Peter Halsey

Monday, September 28, 2009


June 15, 1992

I am leaving for the airport in one half hour.
Destination? London.
I've spent 2 wonderful weeks in Dover, went to the camp with the folks and have seen a bunch of friends. Leaving D.C. was not terribly difficult. I just left and didn't look back.
And now I'm looking forward. The years will kindly show how memories come and go they ebb and flow the tides
I had a wonderful time in D.C. and was sad to say goodbye.
I've been saying goodbye for four weeks. I can't cry.
Let's hear it for me, huh?
Wish me the best.
Oh and shiver me timbers

I'm sailing away...
I gotta go.
I love you
and love me too--
Peter Sherwood

P.S. At least no one can say I ain't got guts. P. Halsey

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

July 8, 1991

July 8, 1991

Hi, another year down. I've been home for 6 days and spent the fourth of July in my hometown. Enjoyed my stay and am leaving for Washington D.C. in about an hour.
I moved to D.C. October 7 1990 and finally got a job and all.
I miss my friends here. And wish they could always be with me. Oh well.
D.C. is okay. I wonder where I will be next year at this time??!
I am in a play now, and enjoying it, I just need to learn my lines.
I must go
We shall see what the future will bring.
I don’t have time to write all I might have wanted to.
What shall the next page of my future hold?
I love you
I love you
Peter Halsey

P.S. I told my Dad I was gay Christmas eve, 1990.

Friday, September 18, 2009

June 26, 27 '90

June 26, 27 ‘90

1:55 A.m.
It hardly seems possible that I started this thing 7 years ago, but here it is.
The nineties. I haven’t become famous yet, but I did have a pretty amazing time in New York and had a rough time too and had my heart broken and met some great people.
I spent the summer of ’89 in Portland with Beth Denver and George Thomas. The living quarters were fabulous, but I barely had a job. Ventrex for 3 days “disk-vialing”, lugging furniture for 2 days and working at Communiques for 3 weeks, got let go, moved home and eventually graduated from UNH May ’90, just a few short weeks ago. Wow. 2 years since last entry and they’ve been a pistol. Had a good last school year.
Just finally got a job at Café Brioche in Portsmouth hope it works out.
I’m so-so happy, meaning mediocre, not so! so! happy. But, I’m ever the optimist. Ha, ha.
So enough for updating my book. See you in what looks like another couple of years. What will they bring? My God, how time does fucking fly.


P.S. Missed the Madonna Concert June 16, 1990; she cancelled but did see the B-52’s sometime in Nov ’89.
P.P.S. I’m still smoking! And Kate is getting married June 30, 1990, this Saturday. The kids have all grown up—

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer of 1988

June 27, 1988

It is the summer of 1988.
Since I last wrote, Much has happened.
I spent four wonderful months in London, England.
I wanted to go and I went.
September 6, to December 19th 1987.
Regent’s College.
Life at UNH my freshman year was exciting, but I needed more and I got it.
It seems I fell in love.
Lived in Ogunquit summer of 87 with Jill.
Now as the fall of ’88 approacheth, I am moving to New York City to become famous. Remember I told you so.
Working at Shop n Save this summer and did not get cast in Prescott Park’s “little shop of horrors.”
Little Park of Politics.
I’m relatively happy, cannot wait to go to New York.
Oh – my future.
The cusp of the zodiac
the spring of my future.
I love you all—
“Start spreadin’ the news…”

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Off To College

August 21, 1986

Hi. I’m in a better mood than last time. I hope I’ve grown up. These entries are childish. Headed for UNH the 31st.
I am looking forward to it and hope I do well.
My nasty letter roommate situation is going to be cleared up soon. The Dean should be calling anytime. (It is now 11:25 in the morning) I sincerely hope my roommate is nice. His real letter sounded promising.
Vickie leaving 26th for American U. Jill is going to Macintosh for classes soon. I think things are beginning to start for her??? Elise in california.
My braces are off.
Year and a half since last entry.
Chris who?

Quit smoking April 85’ to April 86’
Back to it for a few months now.
Prescott Park:
Oliver 85’
Music Man 86’

I think I’m getting there.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday 22 March 1985

It seems years later.
It is Friday 22 March 1985, or say early sat. morning 12:45.
Things are so difreent then from a year ago.
I’m still smoking.
Really sorted out my friends at last. Fights, etc. A general rotten junior year. It’s quiet now. My middle bro’s out of the marines. Yahoo.
I want Chris as a friend again, but I’m not overly certain. I just want him I guess.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sunday Jan. 1, 1984
1984. That’s the first time I’ve written that (up there). Here it is. A whole year later than when I started. WOW. I saw another movie today. “Christine.” It was good.
Anyway, there was a surprise for Chris friday. I took him up to Funspot and then decided that “I was sick and had to go home…” and then SURPRISE! Chris was surprised. Bryan is such a pompous ass! I really cannot stand him. I found that out at the party. Chrissy and Toni were saying really mean things
about Vickie, Bryan too. I couldn’t believe it. They say there Vickie’s best friends! Bullshit! They’re just shallow and bitchy, I guess. I have to speak to Dan Shirley. I’m mad at him too. I A year ago, Christmas (’82) I poked Dan thinking it was Chrissy and he won’t let me live it down. Annoys the shit out of me. You can see I’m none too thrilled about much today. Mike Linzer went downtown with us (me and Chris) and he was kinda cheap to me. Oh well…Chris slept over last night. My mom got a bottle of Apple Wine for us. It was really good. Chris’ mom got
us a small bottle of champagne. I had that wine with 2 beers I had and I felt great. I had a good time. Jill came over at 12. Right after work, and unfortunately right after the New Year supposedly began. She took a caB home at about three. Me and Chris went to bed at 6:30. Oh God. How very late. Or how very early. Oh Jill has a good job at the Asia. Something she really needed. I’m still looking.
My New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking and I think I will! We have new neighbor’s in Winnie’s side.
Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nice people we rented it to them the day after Winnie moved out!
Christmas was okay. Untill Dick came over. He’s such an asshole. He ruined my day. Nice albums for Christmas.
I love
Siouxie and the Banshees.
So good! Ana (who I see I haven’t mentioned; just a friend a school) went to New York and I hope to god she gets me a Siouxie shirt like she said she would. Yea-isms!
Well I am doing a type of fortune telling. I Ching—Bea Perkins’ book. It said something might happen to Jill and we probably won’t be friends. I doubt it. It’s just my interpretation. See ya Pete


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oct. 14, 1983

Oct. 14
Today is October 14! I can’t believe its been so long! Looking back, I still like my dog and things are okay. Carrie is fine and she’s opening up to me. It is so good because she tells me pretty much what she feels. I like that. Bryan found out when school started. He was kind of mad I didn’t tell him. He is talking to me and we’re kind of friends now. Tuesday me and Chrissy decided: I’d stop smoking for 3 days, she’d quit drinking. Well it was supposed to stop tonight, but we both gave up yesterday. It really didn’t prove anything except we couldn’t do it.
Dick got married a few weeks ago. The day was kind of fun. School is okay. Things aren’t going to well with Jill. They’re better now, but they were really terrible. She was kicked out of school and everything. THE B-52’s are coming to the field house in Durham October the 31st. I’m happy. I hope they do come. This week I was not to good. I snapped at Elise this morning and she cried. I felt really bad. I had snapped
at her and everyone else this week, i guess. I don’t know why, but things are better as I said.
There’s a football game tonight. I’m going.
Dan Shirley is having a party tomorrow Saturday. It should be fun.
I’ll probably write back and tell you how it was later.
Winnie’s leaving tomorrow, the 15th of Octobter.
She’s moving Downtown. I’ll be kind of glad I guess.
I saw the world According to Garp last night. It was super. Really good. I still feel the power of it today. It was really moving. I cried can you believe it?
Oh boy…
Well I guess thats just about it.
Okay see ya!

CiaoCiaoCiaoCiao Pete

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TUES. AUG. 23, 1983

I was just reading the past entries I’ve written. Its really strange how I’ve changed towards people. I guess it’s a part of growing up. How sweet. How queer. Well you know what I mean. I’d forgotton how much my feelings used to change towards people. I probably sound terrible. I think I do.
A coupla things have happened. I got my Warhol Marlyn poster last tuesday. Bryan came home saturday. He has to be told about me and Carrie. I’ll have to do it. I’ll wait for him to call me. I talked to MA yesterday. I talked to her for about an hour. It was interesting. I saw Irma La Douce last night. 3 hours and I hated the ending pretty much. I really do like Duran Duran now. I said they were okay, before. And there I go again changing my mind. It bugs the shit out of me. I’ll try to stop it. I don’t think I mentioned were got a dog. It’s a cockapoo. White. Small. Cute. Pierre! I like it. But seeing what I’ve written, I’ll probably write soon and tell you I hate it. Pete.