Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oct. 14, 1983

Oct. 14
Today is October 14! I can’t believe its been so long! Looking back, I still like my dog and things are okay. Carrie is fine and she’s opening up to me. It is so good because she tells me pretty much what she feels. I like that. Bryan found out when school started. He was kind of mad I didn’t tell him. He is talking to me and we’re kind of friends now. Tuesday me and Chrissy decided: I’d stop smoking for 3 days, she’d quit drinking. Well it was supposed to stop tonight, but we both gave up yesterday. It really didn’t prove anything except we couldn’t do it.
Dick got married a few weeks ago. The day was kind of fun. School is okay. Things aren’t going to well with Jill. They’re better now, but they were really terrible. She was kicked out of school and everything. THE B-52’s are coming to the field house in Durham October the 31st. I’m happy. I hope they do come. This week I was not to good. I snapped at Elise this morning and she cried. I felt really bad. I had snapped
at her and everyone else this week, i guess. I don’t know why, but things are better as I said.
There’s a football game tonight. I’m going.
Dan Shirley is having a party tomorrow Saturday. It should be fun.
I’ll probably write back and tell you how it was later.
Winnie’s leaving tomorrow, the 15th of Octobter.
She’s moving Downtown. I’ll be kind of glad I guess.
I saw the world According to Garp last night. It was super. Really good. I still feel the power of it today. It was really moving. I cried can you believe it?
Oh boy…
Well I guess thats just about it.
Okay see ya!

CiaoCiaoCiaoCiao Pete

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