Tuesday, September 22, 2009

July 8, 1991

July 8, 1991

Hi, another year down. I've been home for 6 days and spent the fourth of July in my hometown. Enjoyed my stay and am leaving for Washington D.C. in about an hour.
I moved to D.C. October 7 1990 and finally got a job and all.
I miss my friends here. And wish they could always be with me. Oh well.
D.C. is okay. I wonder where I will be next year at this time??!
I am in a play now, and enjoying it, I just need to learn my lines.
I must go
We shall see what the future will bring.
I don’t have time to write all I might have wanted to.
What shall the next page of my future hold?
I love you
I love you
Peter Halsey

P.S. I told my Dad I was gay Christmas eve, 1990.

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