Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Final Entry, 2003

Weds Jan 1, 2003
Twenty years later old pal, eh?
Good time at home, stayed over Kate’s—dinner! At a crossroads. Finished children’s novel, it’s good I think.
Praying for prospects.
Who would have thought that twenty years ago, this memo pad, this stocking stuffer soon would contain twenty years of my life! Here’s to much much more, Love, Peter Halsey

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Home for Easter! With Kate and all yesterday (Sunday) Annie, Artie and Mai Tais last night! Novella turned down by Warner Books – moving on to the next thing!
Wish me well! I love you,
Peter Halsey
P.S. Working Cahner’s Special Events!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Dear Book!

Hello Dear Book!
Home for a short trip last Thurs and Fri w/Glynnis in Massachusetts. Then Sat to today (Wednesday) here in NH!
Running off now—
London for New Years!!!
Write again next year—
Love you dear!
Love me too! Wish me well!
Peter Halsey
P.S. Finished first draft of my novella.
Chris married – this year not home, he stayed in LA.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Home last Thursday
In Maine last weekend for Columbus Day and now jumping into that shower again to head to Gloucester with Glynnis and then back to NYC Saturday.
Its been quite a month.
The Towers were lost a month ago and three weeks ago I quit my job. Its an odd time. Looking for temp work while I find a special events job or perhaps even a writing job. I see Winnie told me to keep up on my writing or rather I should. That was 5 years ago. Growth, focus and a computer have enabled me to do so.
Almost on the last page! Almost 19 years! Anyway, got published this year, write reviews for a website and am halfway through writing a novella. Looking for a literary agent and publisher now. We’ll see.
I’ll be back for Christmas. In the meantime, I love you always. Wish me well, darling little vessel of mine.
xoxo Peter Halsey
P.S. The Ramada Inn is now McIntosh dorms!! For school! Chris is getting married in several weeks and its just as well – we can’t rent a dorm room for the night!! Oh and camp again with Joni this past summer ’01. Fun!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi Baby,
Christmas Day! Had a wonderful time. Got home Thursday, spent Friday with Jonathan G. and Annie in Portland. Went to the Great Lost Bear.
My handwriting is HORRIBLE.
Had a couple of vodkas.
Chris and I started to fool around. He got sick, I passed out? fell asleep. Walked home at 6:15 am sunday morning.
Got together with Karen Suffolk and Elise.
Harry surprised us all by being home. So great. I have missed him. His daughter is divine and his wife only gets better and better.
Chris coming soon, off to Hallstead’s, for the annual party.
How the time flies. You realize I always have to write that now.
I love you, book. Always have. Back to NY tomorrow.

Love Always

Wish me well, as I do you.

Goodnight, sweet vessel.
God Bless, love,
Peter Halsey

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Millennium Approacheth

Last entry of the millennium!
Home since Weds. 12/22
Lotsa parents, Vickie, Chris—he turned me down this year! Oh well.
Heading to Kennebunk soon for the New Year. Joni, Annie, Jonathan and respective spouses.
Tried to see SJM to no avail, spoke tho’.
Had a nice moonlight chat and walk with Dad. Full moon night of the winter solstice. Huge! Walked hand in hand like I was five again!
Saw “The Talented Mr. Ripley” – very good.
So I did make it to camp this summer but not home to write.
Will write in the New Year, the new millennium!!
Bless you,
Love, Peter Halsey
I started this so long ago—Do you realize its our 17th anniversary?
I’m thrilled!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mom's 65th Birthday

In and out—quick trip.
Surprise Retirement and 65th Bday Party for mom!
Glynnis picked me up Friday
Dinner in Gloucester.
Drinks at seaside mansion.
Off to airport, my dearest.
Love, Peter

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Home weds. to today (monday) then off to Dan in D.C. this evening.
Vickie home – saw Annie, Mamoulian, Annie’s ex & Artie (current), Linzer, Hallstead 2 nights with the babies! Beautiful.
Chris and I discussed diddling but didn’t. I must be in love—I COULD NOT out and out have sex with Chris. But he wanted to—that counts for something, eh?
No-my baby, my Dan loves me. We have a date tonight when I arrive. I’ve got to be true to my code—
So make it one for my baby and one more for the road.
Speaking of which—gotta go. Love you madly.
Went to York Beach yesterday with mom + dad.
Litchfields in Wells for lunch. Lobster Eggs Benedict. Divine!!
Old places in York Beach gone. Barely any amusement park. Time marches on!
(And I’m old—31!!!)
Love You,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Parents' 40th Anniversary

Hallo My Dear
Home for Thanksgiving. it’s noon now – leaving at 240 for a 5pm plane. Not rushing! But I’ll be brief—
My beloved father-just now-(between this and my last sentence) just handed me one hundred dollars for my Christmas plane fare. Wow.
So yesterday was the big 40th Anniversary party and it was superb-band and all-70 people. It went off without a hitch and was just great. Parents suprised-Annie, Beth, George Brown all came. We had a very good time.
Thanksgiving was just Mom Dad and me. Very nice.
Came home Wednesday nice trip. Went shopping at the malls with Mom Friday.
Well back to New York and work – I’ve barely been in! Texas, New Orleans with Dan (heart!) Oh yes. Dan – my love – my cute little Dan. I’ll send you an invite to the wedding.
I promise.
Bless you sweetheart.
I’ll write in a few weeks—
I love you,

Monday, November 9, 2009


Fri train + bus
Annie/Artie Asia
George Brown! in at 2am
Camp for
lovely swimming
martini lobster weekend.
Ogunquit Front Porch
last night.
Saw my old house!
Back to Dover
Off again!
Great weekend!
Love You,

Peter Halsey

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fifteen Years Later...


Bonjour! Home for the camp festivities. Joni is with me—saw Jonathan Gordon and wife and children. Annie, husband Artie and no children (yet). It was a tonic to see them. Dick, Harry and family there too. I felt sort of excluded from them but since I don’t talk to them much anyhow…oh whatever.
After being kicked off the porch at 2 a.m. because we were too loud, Jonathan, Annie, Artie and I sat on the rocks, laughed talked and drank beneath the most starry sky…it was so lovely.
Had Moody’s on friday.
So good. Asia last night.
Sherry from three years ago came this weekend, sorta tongued me as she left and then apologized for not being in touch but she is otherwise married and this is her secret other life being here with Dan and all…oh my God! Well it was our own Peyton Place she said don’t tell your mom and of course the second she left EVERYBODY knew. How could I keep that a secret?!
Jumping in the shower.
I’ll be home soon. Untill then, I await our next meeting.
Peter Halsey
(Peter Sherwood)
HAPPY 15th Anniversary!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chris Ballard!


My darling little vessel,
Home since 12/20—I leave tomorrow. I had a good week, not the least of reasons is because—prepare yourself sweetheart—I finally FINALLY slept with CHRIS BALLARD.
That would be Christmas Eve at the Ramada Hotel. Room 111. It was divine and filthy all at the same time. I couldn’t quite believe it was happening. He is a great lover, wild and he was deeply appreciative of my care, love, and understanding. I haven’t slept with anyone I have loved for a very long time. It was beautiful.
A huge blizzard – 19 inches on Tuesday. I haven’t seen a storm like that in a long time. Can you believe I’m writing and NOT leaving in 15 minutes or something ridiculous like that?
I turned thirty baby. Go know.
This year we lost Aunt Leafy, bless her soul. The funeral was exactly a year after Jill’s father. I saw Jill’s mother and Jill too. It was great to see them all.
The twins have kids—Jill is in another bad relationship. God grant me the serenity…
I’ve had a great time (obviously) and can’t believe it all happened with Chris. He totally planned on it, he told me. Wow. It feels nice to be desired.
I will write again soon.
How I do love our moments together, darling.
Until that time,
I love you,
Peter Halsey

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Another Great weekend at camp.
Joni again with Alan Carpenter this time.
Sang, drank, ate so much.
Dad coming soon.
Things ok—work stressful. Hope to fire assistant soon.
Long for things to settle in office.
Nice break. Cleared (?) head.
Love you
Love me too
Write soon!!
Peter Halsey