Sunday, October 25, 2009



Gotta jump in the shower!
Friday and leaving soon.
Vickie home, Chris home from LA-went to spin last night where he confessed he'd previously been with a man. I was sitting down. He continued to say (after I'd asked) that he had fantasized about me about a year ago. Wow.
Last Friday I stayed with Buckwheat in Boston. Huge blast, speaking of huge, his friend Mario slept over. Jill lost her dad last Friday too. God bless them all.
I must run. I've had a blast, saw Winnie on Monday. Wants me to continue my writing. That, for now, must wait--
at least til I get home!
Saw a ton of movies.

See you soon.
Take care, I'll write later.

Peter Halsey

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Juleps at Camp


Greetings, dear little book.
Home, this time with Joni Bates. We’ve been to the camp for jazz, juleps and joyousness. I’ve had my apartment painted while away and cannot wait to see it.
We had such a great and funny (as always) time.
How was your weekend?
Well, Joni farted as she broke a lamp. A good time was had by all.
My cousin Jill showed up too with her latest boyfriend. I saw Beverly for the first time in years. What a wonderful thing.
This is the third fucking pen!! Okay…
So our flight is in a couple of hours and Dad is picking us up in one hour. I must get ready. Everything is still so much better. Boy things were so different then.
I went rowing this weekend to try and find an island that I now believe to be non-existant.
Only in my mind.
I’ll write upon my return.
Until then, my memo (fourth pen) must await.

I love you, Peter Halsey

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas '95


Well hello!
Time just keeps on. Came home Friday and went to the doctor with mom! Swollen glands that wouldn’t go away and now have (thanks to amoxicillin). Harry came home in the evening with his lovely baby. It’s been 2 ½ years and the baby – Alexa – is now 1 ½. Dick, Mary, Paul, Lyssa. Jacquie North came up Saturday night and we went to Portsmouth Brewery and Spin with Vickie. Jacquie and I sat up until 430 am just talking. She’s so fabulous.
I am so much better than I was this summer. I will even say I am back to my former self. Healthy, wealthy, and somewhat wiser.
Shit, as they say, happens.
I am anxious for the New Year and close the book on this one. I spent close to nine months being miserable. I just want to be happy!!
I started therapy in August and it’s been quite beneficial. Christmas has been a blast – Martinis with Dad – Screams from the kids – lobster last night and of course, presents!

Soon, my darling, I’ll write again

Merry Christmas! I love you Peter Halsey

Thursday, October 15, 2009



It is Monday and am about to get on a plane back to the city. I had a nice weekend here and am anxious to get back. Thursday I stayed in Boston with Buckwheat – we went out and hit several bars.
Fri mom and I left for the camp, where my dad was. Saturday was the huge Dixieland festival. I met lots of nice people and drank a lot.
Sunday was great – on our neighbor’s huge boat in the bright sky, cool water and red wine.
I am no longer with Gregory. Things ended March 15 and I am having problems getting past my deep, hurt feelings. It was a difficult tough experience being with him and I am now releasing my repressed mental anguish. I think about him way too much. For always, I thought. It wasn’t meant to be and I must realize that and forge ahead.
I will write again in the upcoming holiday months.

Until then, my best

I love you Peter

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day After Christmas '94


The day after Christmas and scrambling toward a new year.
Leaving in 5 minutes for the bus – that long, long bus and back to my baby.
Had a great time, a short one and now must go.

As always,

Love, Peter

See ya next year!!

And Merry Christmas - !!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah, Youth!


Thanksgiving again.
Have I said how time flies?
Well, life as I see it.
In love. Beautiful man Gregory John Archer. Since January 28, 1994 we have been an item. Traveled to San Francisco this past summer. Was even in NH for an overnight June 11-ish for my mom’s surprise 60th B-DAY party. That was fun.
I’ve missed seeing anybody but Annie this trip. Vickie home for Christmas I think.
Something so erotically promising I feel in the air here.
Strange but I remember when sex was daring – not in the way it is now, Lord knows but having sexual longings for Jonathan Gordon and Chris Ballard so deep and leaving them fulfilled or not as the story went. Sex was new – I was unclear – just wanting to get naked with those boys…secrets, exploring wanting to touch them in new ways – it all drives me crazy!
So much deep, disastrous hope.
Just young and horny. Where are they? Married…straight. My man is fabulous. For always. I have a lovely nephew and new niece. Heaven, both of them.
Leave here Saturday. Quicker and quicker all the while!
I’ll write soon.

Love, me (Peter)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Was most curious. Didn’t do much. Saw Chris, Mike Linzer & Mamoulian and of course Annie.
Pat̩ too Рfirst time in a year.
Per usual, I always remember to write 2 minutes before I leave.

Must run!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 93


Home again for Thanksgiving. Quick trip. Per usual, leaving in 20 minutes. Annie just found out she’s pregnant—going to Greenland next week for abortion.
So devastating. I don’t know yet (and neither does she) who will help her.
I saw Kate last night with her husband. We went to Work Day and nobody was there at all.
Great seeing the old girl. Haven’t seen Beth or Jill all vacation.
Perhaps over Christmas.
Talk to ya soon—
Gotta go.
Love, Me (Peter)

Friday, October 2, 2009

July 18 1993

July 18 1993

Hello! Leaving for NYC in 15 minutes or so.
Had a wonderful 9 days. Feel sort of recuperated and looking forward to returning. (July 9 – July 18)
Went skinny dipping last night with Annie and Chris while Dave and Vickie looked on.
I felt Chris’ butt!
How marvelous.
Anyway this is brief.
Not much to report.
Had a staggeringly uneventful trip. Which was exactly what I wanted!
Had a ball—Love You Peter Halsey