Friday, July 31, 2009

Elise, 1983

Here’s Elise—
Hi. I don’t really have much to say cuz I always tell you everything anyway. Alright, I’ll say something nice. Well, I can’t think of anything. Just kidding. You’ve helped me to be hip. Someday when you say, Do you know the Creeps (or whatever) I’ll say Yes, I know them. I try to make you nice, and you are nicer, I think. At least to me. It’s nice that I can just sit here and not have to say anything. Or I can say anything to you. Even though you give me evil looks most of the time. One of these days I might get up the courage to blow my nose in front of you, but I doubt it. I don’t have anything else to say or else I’d say it. Now dont say anything mean about what I said.
Maybe someday I’ll grow up and be a famous movie star.
Wouldn’t that be funny.
Don’t know why I said that.
Love, love, love Elise

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feb. 10, 1983

Feb. 10, 1983
Hello! Its been a while.
Well I’ll try to remember what’s happened. Okay, report cards came out yesterday, I went to the mall friday, the new mall is opening next sunday. Wow – I saw “Videodrome” last Sunday. It was pretty good. Deborah Harry was wonderful. Ohh I haven’t had school monday or teusday I really needed the rest. Dick continues to be an anus. He’s so goddamned good at it! Saturday I went to Mingles with Donna, her friend Anne and Becky. I really like Anne. She’s funny.
Harry called yesterday at 10:00 and kept me up till 20 minutes of 11—thanks alot! He said he has lost interest in Donna. But I don’t care—she’s still taking me to the KINKS. WORD FOR SATURDAY—BLACK RUSSIAN.
That’s about it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jan. 22, 1983

A Jan. 22, 1983
It’s been a while! Not much has really happened, but tonite I went to Funspot and Week’s with Donna (Grove) my brother Harry’s newest love. It was really fun. We were up at Funspot for 2 hours!
I only spent 2 dollars.
I really like her. We talked a lot at Week’s. Mostly jokes. I told her about Peabody and Bradlees and she said not to get into IT (stealing) again because its not good. She’s right, of course.
Well today I went to the mall and to Portsmouth with Mike and Chris. I’m glad Mike came.
Chris was kinda pain. But it’s alright. (I see rainbows) HA, HA, HA!
Midterms are next week. I really won’t worry, though. Nothing except Tuedsey will be too hard, but that will be a killer. I’ll study to morrow, and hopefully there won’t be school Monday and I’ll study then. Don’t know when I’ll write, but I won’t forget.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wed. Jan 11, '83

Wed. Jan 11, ‘83
I can’t believe I haven’t written for so long. I really forgot. Not much has happened anyway but, I fill ya in.
Sunday I went to Theater By The Sea. I saw Deathtrap and it was really good. It was kinda scary, but not really that much.
Were seeing “2001” in school today. It is getting better. Monday – 1st part was boring. Tuesday was first i mean. Today 2nd part was good. Even though I fell asleep. But that was just because I was tired.
Yesterday I was up at Funspot again with Elise. Jill was there and she asked if we wanted to get burnt. I said why not. It was hash laced with opium. It was neat. No biggie. Bryan was upset that I did it, or the way I told him. He said I sounded like Vickie. But then he said he was only kidding. I don’t know, or care. Let’s see…I gess that’s really all. I don’t know. Oh Bryan, Elise and me are going to Audio Aucoustics this Saturday. I might get “Still Life.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday Jan. 6, 1983

B Thursday Jan. 6
Nothing special today, really. I went to Funspot again and played video games for hooouuurrss. This really has to stop. I spend alot of money up there. I guess I shouldn’t but the most I do with it is buy and album. And now not even that with Audio Aucoustics! I hope they get Beauty and the Beat. Dick is not an anus to me now. he’s just there. Well I am ignoring him. He’s trying to talk to me or something but – to no avail!
Some udder time!
Hey Hey Hey
Anyway, I talked to Jill. I even called her. She won’t get mad if I keep calling her. I’ll have to remember that.
Oh well, I really don’t know or have much to say. I guess you’ll just have to wait ‘till the weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weds. Jan 5, 1983

A- Weds. Jan 5
Today was good. The dreadeds are going away. Not much homework. I’m glad.
I was really bad today. I took a tape in Audio Acoustics. The Talking Heads. I’m going to go with Bryan Saturday. He can take anything, but I’m not going too!
I was downtown with Elise and Carrie when I took it. I’m trying so hard to get along with Carrie and then Elise tells me she’s calling me bastard, etc. behind my back.
Elise also said that she does not mean it, she is just saying it to Elise so Elise might begin to not like me, and Carrie will have me all to herself. I guess that’s what she wants. She’s fucked.
But life goes on. I saw Kate today. She gave me a shirt that says, “Live long and be happy” in Japanesse. I told my parents it said RAPE YOUR GRANDMA. HA HA.
I got another newsletter from B52s. It was good. I’m waiting for my QPB books. You’ll also have to wait till later! BYE.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday Jan. 4, 1983

A- Tuesday Jan. 4
Today was alright. I had school. Only 2 people noticed my neck. Missy Michaels asked me several times and then let it drop. But Missy Markus wouldn’t stop asking me. What a pain! It really makes me wonder about her. The true bitch in her really came out.
Kate went to school but I didn’t see her. I called her and we only talked for a couple minutes.
I went to Funspot today with Elise. I’m glad I did because things were not going too well. It seemed that way to me. But by the end, it was back to normal and that’s good.
See ya!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday Jan. 3, 1983

B- Monday Jan. 3
Things were much better today. Parents weren’t home. They had to work. I was just home watching T.V. alone, so no one would bug me.
Talked to Jill today. I guess she had A wild time last night. I won’t go into that! School tomorrow. I really cannot say I am looking forward to it. I don’t know what I’ll say to the kids if they ask me about “the funny little marks on my neck…”
I hope I can keep this “diary” going for a while. At least to fill this book up. I have had these type of things before. I usually lose interest by February. February vacation! Oh I need another. I really dislike school. I hope I see my cousin Kate tomorrow. Enough to talk to. She had a really nice time in Japan. She got back yesterday night. I called and her mother answered. She said she would call back because she was out visiting. That’s Kate! And that’s all.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Jan. 2, 1983

C- Sunday Jan. 2 1983 Still can’t get the year right.
What another mess. today was. My hickey is common knowledge now and my brother Dick and his friend won’t stop teasing me about it. I’m not really embarrassed to the point of crying just suicide…HA HA! No actually I just feel DUMB. They believe its Vickie Tolman. I told them she came over drunk when me and Elise were babysitting and she forced herself upon me!
My father had his birthday party today and I tried to avoid alot of people. They must have seen IT. Coverstick does wonders, but not everything. People were looking at me…
This whole ordeal will not soon be forgotton. Not at all. But I can handle it. Really.
Jill came over for a minute with her mother just for the party. She was with a friend. She seemed so distant and far off. I thought things would finally be okay! They seemed so over the phone. Oh well. Till tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The First Entry, 1983

Welcome to Memo Book. Transcribed from a little spiral top notepad that I got as a stocking stuffer for Christmas in 1982 shortly after I had turned 15, the words, in fits and starts, ended up filling in parts of my life over the course of exactly 20 years. I've never let anybody look at this before.

Inside Front Cover
NOTE FROM MAY, 2, 1983:

D Saturday Jan. 1, 1983
Wow – today was a mess. I was so worried that my mother would find out about the HICKEYS. God, I wish Elise hadn’t done that. Things are okay now – its about 8:15 and I have a blancket around my shoulder so it hides what the stupid coverstick doesn’t. How EMBARRASSING.
I saw “Tootsie” with Bryan today. Was really funny. He seemed in a good mood..
Tonight is pretty boring though last night was fun. I’m glad it happened I had a real good time. I usually do with Elise. Chris is alright but I don’t know. Something about him constantly bugs me. I don’t know what it is. Its not really his fault.
I hope me and my cousin Jill get along better. I don’t like it the way it is now. But I don’t care – that’s really what upsets me. I don’t understand why I don’t care. Maybe later I will.
I don’t want to sleep now. It is only 8:30. I hope I’m able to get away with this hickey business. And I hope its gone by Tuesday when there’s school!! Bye for now.