Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 93


Home again for Thanksgiving. Quick trip. Per usual, leaving in 20 minutes. Annie just found out she’s pregnant—going to Greenland next week for abortion.
So devastating. I don’t know yet (and neither does she) who will help her.
I saw Kate last night with her husband. We went to Work Day and nobody was there at all.
Great seeing the old girl. Haven’t seen Beth or Jill all vacation.
Perhaps over Christmas.
Talk to ya soon—
Gotta go.
Love, Me (Peter)


  1. interesting. Have the names been changed to protect privacy of people ?

  2. Forget privacy. I was hoping I'd show up in it! What a great way to look back at those years. Here's to Cafe Brioche, and a beautiful curly dark haired Barista I met there.