Thursday, October 22, 2009

Juleps at Camp


Greetings, dear little book.
Home, this time with Joni Bates. We’ve been to the camp for jazz, juleps and joyousness. I’ve had my apartment painted while away and cannot wait to see it.
We had such a great and funny (as always) time.
How was your weekend?
Well, Joni farted as she broke a lamp. A good time was had by all.
My cousin Jill showed up too with her latest boyfriend. I saw Beverly for the first time in years. What a wonderful thing.
This is the third fucking pen!! Okay…
So our flight is in a couple of hours and Dad is picking us up in one hour. I must get ready. Everything is still so much better. Boy things were so different then.
I went rowing this weekend to try and find an island that I now believe to be non-existant.
Only in my mind.
I’ll write upon my return.
Until then, my memo (fourth pen) must await.

I love you, Peter Halsey

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  1. I finally make my first appearance - farting! Well, it's only appropriate I suppose, as that's how I make most of my appearances these the gas company, there's a leak!