Thursday, October 15, 2009



It is Monday and am about to get on a plane back to the city. I had a nice weekend here and am anxious to get back. Thursday I stayed in Boston with Buckwheat – we went out and hit several bars.
Fri mom and I left for the camp, where my dad was. Saturday was the huge Dixieland festival. I met lots of nice people and drank a lot.
Sunday was great – on our neighbor’s huge boat in the bright sky, cool water and red wine.
I am no longer with Gregory. Things ended March 15 and I am having problems getting past my deep, hurt feelings. It was a difficult tough experience being with him and I am now releasing my repressed mental anguish. I think about him way too much. For always, I thought. It wasn’t meant to be and I must realize that and forge ahead.
I will write again in the upcoming holiday months.

Until then, my best

I love you Peter


  1. i had one of those too. a 'for always' that wasn't. hopefully the hurt and flashbacks will not be 'for always'... how dreadfully awful. even with the perfect man by my side.

  2. I think the adjectival choices of "funny", "cool" and "interesting" are far too inadequate for almost all of your entries!