Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah, Youth!


Thanksgiving again.
Have I said how time flies?
Well, life as I see it.
In love. Beautiful man Gregory John Archer. Since January 28, 1994 we have been an item. Traveled to San Francisco this past summer. Was even in NH for an overnight June 11-ish for my mom’s surprise 60th B-DAY party. That was fun.
I’ve missed seeing anybody but Annie this trip. Vickie home for Christmas I think.
Something so erotically promising I feel in the air here.
Strange but I remember when sex was daring – not in the way it is now, Lord knows but having sexual longings for Jonathan Gordon and Chris Ballard so deep and leaving them fulfilled or not as the story went. Sex was new – I was unclear – just wanting to get naked with those boys…secrets, exploring wanting to touch them in new ways – it all drives me crazy!
So much deep, disastrous hope.
Just young and horny. Where are they? Married…straight. My man is fabulous. For always. I have a lovely nephew and new niece. Heaven, both of them.
Leave here Saturday. Quicker and quicker all the while!
I’ll write soon.

Love, me (Peter)

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