Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas '95


Well hello!
Time just keeps on. Came home Friday and went to the doctor with mom! Swollen glands that wouldn’t go away and now have (thanks to amoxicillin). Harry came home in the evening with his lovely baby. It’s been 2 ½ years and the baby – Alexa – is now 1 ½. Dick, Mary, Paul, Lyssa. Jacquie North came up Saturday night and we went to Portsmouth Brewery and Spin with Vickie. Jacquie and I sat up until 430 am just talking. She’s so fabulous.
I am so much better than I was this summer. I will even say I am back to my former self. Healthy, wealthy, and somewhat wiser.
Shit, as they say, happens.
I am anxious for the New Year and close the book on this one. I spent close to nine months being miserable. I just want to be happy!!
I started therapy in August and it’s been quite beneficial. Christmas has been a blast – Martinis with Dad – Screams from the kids – lobster last night and of course, presents!

Soon, my darling, I’ll write again

Merry Christmas! I love you Peter Halsey

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