Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug. 14, 1983

Aug. 14, 1983
Dear Diary—
Hi! I’ve been at camp for a week. Its been okay. But I’m glad I’m home. I got my Siouxsie shirt I’ve been waiting for. Its really neat. I also got Rio from the record club. Its okay. My old cousin Winnie’s home from being away all summer. She lives in the other side of our house. She’s such a bitch. She’s mad (probably) because we took the bushes down in front. New ones are going up soon. But she’s still mad. Oh well, what’s new? If you’re ever reading this Winnie – listen. We are your only people that care for you. Your other family only call you for gifts. The truth hurts, huh? Or maybe you know that. And you know, we really don’t care for you that much. I’ll probably be sorry I wrote this after you die. Oh well. You’re very hard to like Winnie. I guess I’m just writing this to vent out a few things. She’s not a nice person. Oh well I think that’s enough slander.
Things are good with me. I only had 5 cigs last week. Pretty good. I’ll write again.
See ya Pete
I guess I’ll continue writing. I am going out with Carrie now. Thats good. Bryan will be pissed. He’s at summer camp and has broken up with her. She’d broken up with him I mean. Asked her out July 27. Okay.
Chris did sleep over. Well not really. We never really slept. We stayed up untill 5:30 in the morning. And slept from then until 12:00. Fun! We went swimming at Guppy’s that Sunday. Haven’t stayed home since.
I read Valley of the Dolls. Awesome. I want to read Once Is Not Enough. Its also by Jacueline Susann. I also read The Hunger. That too was good. It was strange and didn’t seem it could end at the last couple pages. My mom is at a shower for Mary. She is about to marry my brother Dick. Got a dog last Saturday, Sunday, rather, the 6th. I’ll keep you posted with Winnie. See ya Pete

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