Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday July 15, 1983

Friday July 15, 1983
Hi! Here’s a pen that works. I’m seeing Carrie now. I know from reading this you’d probably say, why? Well she’s changed alot. I’d like to get to know her better.
Anyway I went to Jill’s camp last weekend from Friday night to Tuesday night. My parents picked me up then. I had a really good time.
Me and Jill got along fine except for a few 2 minute squabbles every now and then. That’s okay—her sister Audrey is such a pain.
I saw Porky’s II last Friday. It was kinda stupid. I really didn’t like it too much.
But anyway, my parents are going to camp this weekend (our camp) and I’m staying home. Yippee! Chris my come over to watch Cat People tonite. But regardless, I’m sleeping over his house tomorrow.
It should be fun.
Talk to you later.
See ya Pete

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