Tuesday, August 25, 2009

July 6, 1983

Hi again!
It’s been a while! School is out now and I saw the Kinks and everything.
I got my B-52’s poster and last Go-Go’s newsletter yesterday. I have to rejoin now. I don’t think I’ll rejoin the B-52’s. I don’t know.
I found a tape of last May. Its unbelievable to listen to. All these songs remind me of Jill. She’s in N. Conway for the summer. I miss her. I’d like to see her and probably will or something.
Had a lot of nosebleeds lately (2) but! They were bad. I’ll have to have them corterized.
Anyway we went to our camp last weekend. Fun. Not really. I didn’t do anything.
I went to Elise’s and Carrie was there. (I knew). We had a waterfight (this was yesterday). Carrie cut her ankle, but she’ll be okay. I like her. I hope she breaks up w/ Bryan. OR VICE-VERSA. P

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