Monday, August 10, 2009

March 1, 1983

March 1
Today was really wierd. School was okay and everything, new pen! boy that pen sucked, but after school I went to the library for Sweeney Todd, for oral interp. at in English. It lead me of course, to Elise’s. Jill called while we were there and she said she wanted to go downtown. So we went and as we got out of Dover Drug (guess what they wanted to go there for), and crossed the street, in front of Sweet Dreams, this 55 year old man nabs Jill’s ear while she was tieing her shoe, and starts talking to her; asking age, etc. Me and Elise moved towards him and he started to talk to us. I told him Jill was going to U.N.H. since she was (21), and my name was George Munroe and her name was Marilyn. Very stupid but unusual to say the least. We had moved from New York so she could go to college and she had to go back to boston to get a lung operation. Lasted 20 mins (about.) I was talking to Elise when we got back to the house and I said if your going to the KINKS concert, supposedly I’m going with Donna she should have her money cause my mother can’t buy her ticket. She got upset and she said she was disappointed and I said okay, but its not my fault. This was later on the phone, she wouldn’t say waht was the matter before I left. She got that TONE on the phone, so I said by and hung up. I was very mad and I called her a FUCKEN BITCH! Off the phone, though. I never called her that before but I’m getting real sick of her, ya know?
Well, that’s probably not as good as I could have told it but I’ll remember what I mean. Nevertheless, it has been a wierd day. Gotta study!

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