Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Parents' 40th Anniversary

Hallo My Dear
Home for Thanksgiving. it’s noon now – leaving at 240 for a 5pm plane. Not rushing! But I’ll be brief—
My beloved father-just now-(between this and my last sentence) just handed me one hundred dollars for my Christmas plane fare. Wow.
So yesterday was the big 40th Anniversary party and it was superb-band and all-70 people. It went off without a hitch and was just great. Parents suprised-Annie, Beth, George Brown all came. We had a very good time.
Thanksgiving was just Mom Dad and me. Very nice.
Came home Wednesday nice trip. Went shopping at the malls with Mom Friday.
Well back to New York and work – I’ve barely been in! Texas, New Orleans with Dan (heart!) Oh yes. Dan – my love – my cute little Dan. I’ll send you an invite to the wedding.
I promise.
Bless you sweetheart.
I’ll write in a few weeks—
I love you,

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