Sunday, November 22, 2009


Home last Thursday
In Maine last weekend for Columbus Day and now jumping into that shower again to head to Gloucester with Glynnis and then back to NYC Saturday.
Its been quite a month.
The Towers were lost a month ago and three weeks ago I quit my job. Its an odd time. Looking for temp work while I find a special events job or perhaps even a writing job. I see Winnie told me to keep up on my writing or rather I should. That was 5 years ago. Growth, focus and a computer have enabled me to do so.
Almost on the last page! Almost 19 years! Anyway, got published this year, write reviews for a website and am halfway through writing a novella. Looking for a literary agent and publisher now. We’ll see.
I’ll be back for Christmas. In the meantime, I love you always. Wish me well, darling little vessel of mine.
xoxo Peter Halsey
P.S. The Ramada Inn is now McIntosh dorms!! For school! Chris is getting married in several weeks and its just as well – we can’t rent a dorm room for the night!! Oh and camp again with Joni this past summer ’01. Fun!!

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