Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi Baby,
Christmas Day! Had a wonderful time. Got home Thursday, spent Friday with Jonathan G. and Annie in Portland. Went to the Great Lost Bear.
My handwriting is HORRIBLE.
Had a couple of vodkas.
Chris and I started to fool around. He got sick, I passed out? fell asleep. Walked home at 6:15 am sunday morning.
Got together with Karen Suffolk and Elise.
Harry surprised us all by being home. So great. I have missed him. His daughter is divine and his wife only gets better and better.
Chris coming soon, off to Hallstead’s, for the annual party.
How the time flies. You realize I always have to write that now.
I love you, book. Always have. Back to NY tomorrow.

Love Always

Wish me well, as I do you.

Goodnight, sweet vessel.
God Bless, love,
Peter Halsey

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