Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fifteen Years Later...


Bonjour! Home for the camp festivities. Joni is with me—saw Jonathan Gordon and wife and children. Annie, husband Artie and no children (yet). It was a tonic to see them. Dick, Harry and family there too. I felt sort of excluded from them but since I don’t talk to them much anyhow…oh whatever.
After being kicked off the porch at 2 a.m. because we were too loud, Jonathan, Annie, Artie and I sat on the rocks, laughed talked and drank beneath the most starry sky…it was so lovely.
Had Moody’s on friday.
So good. Asia last night.
Sherry from three years ago came this weekend, sorta tongued me as she left and then apologized for not being in touch but she is otherwise married and this is her secret other life being here with Dan and all…oh my God! Well it was our own Peyton Place she said don’t tell your mom and of course the second she left EVERYBODY knew. How could I keep that a secret?!
Jumping in the shower.
I’ll be home soon. Untill then, I await our next meeting.
Peter Halsey
(Peter Sherwood)
HAPPY 15th Anniversary!!

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