Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weds. Jan 5, 1983

A- Weds. Jan 5
Today was good. The dreadeds are going away. Not much homework. I’m glad.
I was really bad today. I took a tape in Audio Acoustics. The Talking Heads. I’m going to go with Bryan Saturday. He can take anything, but I’m not going too!
I was downtown with Elise and Carrie when I took it. I’m trying so hard to get along with Carrie and then Elise tells me she’s calling me bastard, etc. behind my back.
Elise also said that she does not mean it, she is just saying it to Elise so Elise might begin to not like me, and Carrie will have me all to herself. I guess that’s what she wants. She’s fucked.
But life goes on. I saw Kate today. She gave me a shirt that says, “Live long and be happy” in Japanesse. I told my parents it said RAPE YOUR GRANDMA. HA HA.
I got another newsletter from B52s. It was good. I’m waiting for my QPB books. You’ll also have to wait till later! BYE.

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