Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jan. 22, 1983

A Jan. 22, 1983
It’s been a while! Not much has really happened, but tonite I went to Funspot and Week’s with Donna (Grove) my brother Harry’s newest love. It was really fun. We were up at Funspot for 2 hours!
I only spent 2 dollars.
I really like her. We talked a lot at Week’s. Mostly jokes. I told her about Peabody and Bradlees and she said not to get into IT (stealing) again because its not good. She’s right, of course.
Well today I went to the mall and to Portsmouth with Mike and Chris. I’m glad Mike came.
Chris was kinda pain. But it’s alright. (I see rainbows) HA, HA, HA!
Midterms are next week. I really won’t worry, though. Nothing except Tuedsey will be too hard, but that will be a killer. I’ll study to morrow, and hopefully there won’t be school Monday and I’ll study then. Don’t know when I’ll write, but I won’t forget.

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