Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wed. Jan 11, '83

Wed. Jan 11, ‘83
I can’t believe I haven’t written for so long. I really forgot. Not much has happened anyway but, I fill ya in.
Sunday I went to Theater By The Sea. I saw Deathtrap and it was really good. It was kinda scary, but not really that much.
Were seeing “2001” in school today. It is getting better. Monday – 1st part was boring. Tuesday was first i mean. Today 2nd part was good. Even though I fell asleep. But that was just because I was tired.
Yesterday I was up at Funspot again with Elise. Jill was there and she asked if we wanted to get burnt. I said why not. It was hash laced with opium. It was neat. No biggie. Bryan was upset that I did it, or the way I told him. He said I sounded like Vickie. But then he said he was only kidding. I don’t know, or care. Let’s see…I gess that’s really all. I don’t know. Oh Bryan, Elise and me are going to Audio Aucoustics this Saturday. I might get “Still Life.”

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