Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday Jan. 6, 1983

B Thursday Jan. 6
Nothing special today, really. I went to Funspot again and played video games for hooouuurrss. This really has to stop. I spend alot of money up there. I guess I shouldn’t but the most I do with it is buy and album. And now not even that with Audio Aucoustics! I hope they get Beauty and the Beat. Dick is not an anus to me now. he’s just there. Well I am ignoring him. He’s trying to talk to me or something but – to no avail!
Some udder time!
Hey Hey Hey
Anyway, I talked to Jill. I even called her. She won’t get mad if I keep calling her. I’ll have to remember that.
Oh well, I really don’t know or have much to say. I guess you’ll just have to wait ‘till the weekend.


  1. What's Funspot? An arcade? Would love to know what this place was like.

  2. Loved Funspot. Alas, it is gone...