Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feb. 10, 1983

Feb. 10, 1983
Hello! Its been a while.
Well I’ll try to remember what’s happened. Okay, report cards came out yesterday, I went to the mall friday, the new mall is opening next sunday. Wow – I saw “Videodrome” last Sunday. It was pretty good. Deborah Harry was wonderful. Ohh I haven’t had school monday or teusday I really needed the rest. Dick continues to be an anus. He’s so goddamned good at it! Saturday I went to Mingles with Donna, her friend Anne and Becky. I really like Anne. She’s funny.
Harry called yesterday at 10:00 and kept me up till 20 minutes of 11—thanks alot! He said he has lost interest in Donna. But I don’t care—she’s still taking me to the KINKS. WORD FOR SATURDAY—BLACK RUSSIAN.
That’s about it.

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