Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Jan. 2, 1983

C- Sunday Jan. 2 1983 Still can’t get the year right.
What another mess. today was. My hickey is common knowledge now and my brother Dick and his friend won’t stop teasing me about it. I’m not really embarrassed to the point of crying just suicide…HA HA! No actually I just feel DUMB. They believe its Vickie Tolman. I told them she came over drunk when me and Elise were babysitting and she forced herself upon me!
My father had his birthday party today and I tried to avoid alot of people. They must have seen IT. Coverstick does wonders, but not everything. People were looking at me…
This whole ordeal will not soon be forgotton. Not at all. But I can handle it. Really.
Jill came over for a minute with her mother just for the party. She was with a friend. She seemed so distant and far off. I thought things would finally be okay! They seemed so over the phone. Oh well. Till tomorrow!

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